Fraser Island Attractions

Fraser Lakes

Fraser Island is an unbelievable natural wonder. Expansive ocean, pristine sand dunes and untouched rainforest converge on the world's largest sand island. Heritage protected, this special place offers something unique for every kind of traveller. Whether you're an avid hiker, fishing fan or 4WD explorer, Fraser Island is filled with all kinds of hidden gems.

Some of the world's most thrilling beach fishing is found on the famous Seventy Five Mile Beach, linking the network of 4WD tracks that crisscross the island. Exceptional camping is also enjoyed through the island, whether you're looking for something by the waves or among the sprawling rainforests. Most of the island is attainable by 4WD. Many people also make their way to the island to explore the infamous surfing spots, including Indian Head and Waddy Point - just watch out for the sharks who do frequent the region.

Here we've compiled some of our favourite Fraser Island attractions:

Champagne Pools: Natures spa, the Champagne Pools are famous for their safe and shallow waters, wedged between a rocky outcrop that leans over the ocean. Located between Waddy Point and Indian Head, the pools are the only place on Fraser Island where visitors can swim in saltwater.

SS Maheno Shipwreck: While Fraser Island boasts a number of shipwrecks along its coastline (23 in fact), the SS Maheno is the most popular - stranded on the beach by The Pinnacles. In 1935 she was sold to Japan for scrap metal; with her rudders removed she was being towed when an unforeseen cyclone snapped her tow chain and she drifted towards the shore where she now rests.

75 Mile Beach: This famous stretch of sand is known not merely for its length, but also for the Champagne Pools, the Indian head formation and the Maheno shipwreck. Due to the number of sharks and strong currents in the waters, swimming is forbidden on 75 Mile Beach.

Ocean Lake: Stained wine red by the neighbouring tea trees, Fraser Island's Ocean Lake can look almost black at certain times of the day. With plenty of shade and a rope swing for entertainment, the Ocean Lake is well worth a visit by those on the island.

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