Fraser Island Nature

The Amazing Fraser Island Coastline

A World Heritage listed site, Fraser Island is not only the world's largest sand island but also an intricate ecosystem supporting lakes, sand dunes, forests and diverse soils. Located in the Coral Sea, just a few kilometres from Queensland's Sunshine Coast, the pristine island boasts impressive coloured sand cliffs, freshwater lakes, sprawling rainforests and native heathlands.

Fraser Island nature offers its native wildlife a wealth of healthy habitation and food; 40 freshwater lakes water the island, while rare and threatened fauna such as the false water-rat, the ant-blue butterfly, the ground parrot and the acid frog live among the 600-plant species that call Fraser Island home.

Visitors seeking a personal encounter with the majestic beauty that is Fraser Island will find myriad activities that offer a close and personal experience with the islands natural environment. Fraser Island one day tours (and multi day iterations), can include opportunities for whale watching, sandboarding and trekking.

4WD tours allow visitors to head off the beaten track and explore Fraser Island untamed. Equipped with a map, support and all necessary equipment, visitors literally camp under the stars – fully immersed in the native Australian landscape. Camp grounds are located at Waddy Beach, Dundubara, Central Station, Lake McKenzie, Lake Boomanjin and Lake Allom. If you're travelling during peak times, be sure to book well in advance.

Excellent walks are also found on the island, including the 100km Great Walk being built for the Great Walks of Queensland tourism initiative. Starting from Dilli Village and finishing in Lake Garawondera, the walk will take visitors 6 - 8 days and takes in breathtaking rainforests, dunes and stunning lakes.

Nature Tours On Fraser Island

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