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Views Out From Fraser Island at Sunset
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You'd be hard pressed to come across a tropical island with a more diverse set of tours and activities than on the beautiful Fraser Island.

Start your stay with a 3-day Fraser Island tour from Brisbane or Noosa, making your way north to Rainbow Beach and the spectacular coloured sands. From here, you'll cut across to Fraser Island and its renowned 75 mile stretch of pure white coastline. This tour will include a view from the Indian Head lookout where travellers frequently spot turtles, dolphins, sharks and whales.

For those pressed for time, the best Fraser Island tour is a one-day trip departing from the Sunshine Coast. Take in the glorious island with stops at the Rainbow Beach coloured sands, Lake McKenzie and unspoilt natural rainforests with plenty of time for a dip in the surrounding crystal waters.

Fraser Island adventure tours are plentiful. With lodge accommodation included, guests experience a fully guided tour of this World Heritage landscape. Over a 1 or 2 night tour, travellers have the opportunity to visit the Yidney Dripping Rocks, Eli Creek, Indian Head, Lake Birrabeen, the Maheno Shipwreck, Ranibow Beach and 75 mile beach. Relax at the end of the day in lodge accommodation with buffet dining and all your creature comforts.

Fraser Island 4WD tours from Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach draw crowds from across the country. Enjoy the tropical wilderness from the seat of an authentic, fully-certified 4WD before settling in at the end of the night with your all-inclusive tent and camping equipment. For the adventurers and intrepid travellers, this is where the memories are made.

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